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Built-in battery tester and analyzer Rugged and sealed - Tier 1 capable Charges in heavy rain without cover Charges from solar panels and generators Units can be cascaded and powered from a single power source Man portable and vehicle mount product.

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The Modular Universal Battery Charger MUBC solution is a scalable charging thales single charger that charges a wide range of military and commercial batteries and also provides for thales single charger addition of new batteries through software upgradability and an innovative modular design.

The base unit weighs approximately 6 pounds, is small enough to be carried in a ruck sack, and is rugged enough to be vehicle mounted.

Multiple MUBC charging systems can be cascaded without requiring any tools.

thales single charger

This system is based on technology from field-proven trials and allows charging in heavy rain without cover and in other harsh environmental conditions. It is optimized to provide the warfighter with the ability to harvest power from solar panels and scavenge power from batteries and a variety of other power sources.

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The MUBC combines the functions and capabilities of multiple battery chargers into one small, scalable package. It provides battery charging technology to the warfighter through a highly rugged, field-deployable, multi-battery modular solution for austere mission environments.