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Whatabutt, A pessimist is an single thumbnail lightbox with experience. Reply to: Think about it this way.

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A Think about it this way. A disgruntled federal employee doesn't get to start up a new hot war with Russia. Goes to the NYTs to get them to run a hit piece that bemoans that the US didn't instantly pull the trigger and start a war with Russia, and here you are crying about it.

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No new war with Russia. That's bad. Nancy got on the steps of the congress to cry about it even.

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Democrats need single thumbnail lightbox distraction again. We get it.

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Your fake distress here is both obvious, and apparent. So when you roil around in the slop flinging arrows at others in the hope that you can wound or damage a president that frankly, you have zero knowledge of either what or when a response was created.

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And in the absence of that knowledge, you'd sling arrows anyway. You have no idea if Trump either did or did not "punish" Russia. You cannot and will not take up arms yourself, so your emotional response here is both feckless and amusing.

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Simple thing here. You put full faith in a story that likely cannot ever be verified.

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Doesn't that seem to be a huge waste of both your energy and beispiele flirten If it turns out that Russia did do this, I'm all for a limited military response.

I don't doubt that the president wouldn't also given his historic responses.

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So other than you flailing about here, what again do you really want? Oh, yeah Reply to: Best way to manage Best way to manage cryptocurrency.

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