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Part of the Single horn uterus Topics in Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science book series CTVM, volume 4 Abstract In eight cows bipolar silver electrodes were implanted on the outside of the uterine wall at different locations, 9 — 30 days before calculated term.

In addition, open-end catheters were placed between the uterine wall and the foetal membranes in seven of these animals in order to measure pressure fluctuations.

Developmental toxicity / teratogenicity

In black singles deutschland cows parturition occurred within 4 days after the operation.

In five cows parturition started around calculated term while in one cow parturition was induced with flumethason 30 days after operation.

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In three of the eight animals an uterine torsion had to be connected during the early state of parturition. During the last week of pregnancy, periods 6 — 30 minutes of distinct electrical activity groups of trains occurred at irregular intervals 15 — minutes in the distended parts of the pregnant horn.

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The first sign of impending parturition was the increase in the duration of the individual trains between 24 and 12 hours before birth. Around the same time electrical activity became evident in the undistended parts of the uterus.

Gilliland, B; Dyck, F Two cases of uterus didelphys associated with unilateral imperforate vagina are reported with a review of the literature. In all cases investigated, ipsilateral renal agenesis was found on the affected side. A summary of the embryologic development of the female reproductive tract is included, as well as a possible explanation for this rare anomaly. The authors describe their proposed method of management to achieve freedom from symptoms and maintenance of a relatively intact reproductive tract. Auf die Ruheaktivität und den Basaltonus hatten die Substanzen keinen Einfluss.

Regular uterine contractions tubo-cervical as well as cervico-tubal occurred only after the expulsive stage had started. During the first hours postpartum the majority of the contractions progressed in a tubo-cervical direction.

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Isoxsuprine blocked or partially decreased uterine activity during and after parturition. A gradual decrease in uterine peristalsis was observed during the first 3 days postpartum in animals with a retained placenta, the most frequent contractions occurring at the tubal end of the uterine horn.

Because uterine electrical activity single horn uterus well correlated with pressure changes at all stages studied, our technique using implantation of electrodes appears to be useful in longitudinal endocrine studies of initiation of parturition, in the pathophysiology of parturition and in the in vivo evaluation of drugs which could influence partnervermittlung klinger activity.

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  • Abstract Cornual interstitial ectopic pregnancy is an uncommon variant of ectopic pregnancy which often poses a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge with a significant risk of rupturing and bleeding.
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Der Geburtsablauf beim Rind.

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Kleine Anatomiestunde

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