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From the comics to the cinema Flexible, muscular and with a lot once dating app danmark teeth — Venom is definitely not from this world. As a symbiote, he is constantly on the search for a host… just like the clothing in our EMP shop!

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Venom has already made it off the page and onto the cinema screen once in the famous Spider-Man trilogy from And who could forget the legendary moment with Tobey Maguire, when the powerful symbiote gives Spider-Man its powers for the first time. Two words: unstoppable ego! Instead, why not get yourself a couple of printed Venom T-shirts and give yourself as much self-confidence as Parker in the third part of the Spider-Man series. As usual in the film industry, over the years different actors have played the same role.

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And wherever the red-clad Spider-Man is, his arch enemy Venom is never far away! Fans of the anti-hero will recognize him from his short cameo at the end of the film in his original, massive form. The anti-hero in a brand new look In contrast to what we are used to from the colourful Marvel superhero troupe, director Ruben Fleischer answers the competition from DC with a different visual direction.

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At first glance, the new Venom looks one thing above all else: really dark. So what can we expect from the movie?

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Based on the comics published in the '90s, the story takes us straight into the universe of the alien symbiotes, with none other than Tom Hardy at the helm. He plays the role of Eddie Brock, a journalist who is investigating the Life Foundation and stumbles upon their illegal experimentation with humans: experiments with a dark alien-like mass Is your coffee as black as the symbiote himself?

Do you love superheroes, but your style leans more towards subtle accessories and details?

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Then our patches, bracelets and chains are the perfect additions to your outfit.