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His maternal grandmother is originally from Königsberg. In his youth, Bohlen was a member of the Socialist German Workers Youth for a while and shortly of the German Communist Partythough he is not a member of any party nowadays. There, he studied business administration at his parents' request at the Georg-August-Universitätfinishing his studies in with a degree.

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Inhe founded the short-lived duo Monza with Holger Garbode. Their first single, "Hallo Taxi Nummer 10", written and produced by Tony Hendrik, was Bohlen's first record and was unsuccessful. Inhe began working for the Berlin -based label Hansa.

None of them reached the topwhich led to the abandonment of the project in The song was covered by artists such as Ricky King.

judge sarah m singleton

For Tanzkurs single kiel ", and were also successful in other European countries as well as in Asia and Africa. Inthe band split up and Bohlen founded his solo project Blue Systemwhich he ended ten years later.

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He also continued writing and producing for other artists, including C. Intwo judge sarah m singleton written and produced by him were sent to the Eurovision Song Contest judge sarah m singleton Nino de Angelo represented Germany with the song " Flieger " and reached place 14, while Thomas Forstner represented Austria with the song " Nur ein Lied " and reached place 5.

Also inBohlen wrote the soundtrack to the ZDF series Rivalen der Rennbahnwhich was certified platinum in Germany that same year [17] and reached the top 5 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Titled " Zusammen geh'n ", it was performed by Tony Wegas and reached place While the jury around him is regularly modified, he has been present on all seasons.

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He has produced most of the winners, yielding several hits such as "We Have a Dream". That same year, he published his first book, an autobiography titled Nichts als die Wahrheit, written in collaboration with Bild journalist Katja Kesslerwhich sold over a million copies in Germany and got a Goldene Feder.

A second autobiography written with Kessler, Hinter den Kulissen, was published the next year.

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It was criticised for its unfairness and earned Bohlen charges pressed by his former bandmate Thomas Anders. Bohlen judge sarah m singleton not voice his own role, but voiced the narrator.

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He wrote and produced the entirety of the film's soundtrackwhich includes the previously unreleased Modern Talking song " Shooting Star ". Later that year, he produced the song "Be My Boyfriend" for the duo Indiggowhich reached the seventh place of the Romanian preselection for the Eurovision Song Contest Also inhe published his third book, Meine Hammer-Sprüche.

Im Amtsblatt der Stadt Mannheim werden alle Ausschreibungen und.

Inthe German instalment of the Got Talent franchise, Das Supertalentwas launched with Bohlen as one of the judges.