Erste bekanntschaft chemnitz

It extended over the three districts Kappel, Helberdorf and Markersdorf.

erste bekanntschaft chemnitz

It was the third largest prefab building area of the GDR, inhabiting 90, people. It was divided into nine construction areas from 0 to VIII, latter was set up in the s.

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First erste bekanntschaft chemnitz all a short digression featuring the history of eastern-german of prefabricated building areas. Within the debate on formalism in the s the accomplishments of bauhaus in arts and architecture were rejected.

The focus on the ideas of modern construction was increasing, which culminated erste bekanntschaft chemnitz as a state objective regarding the elimination of the housing deprivation until Therefore began the extensive planning of the prefabricated building areas - based on the principles of Bauhaus. Our festival centre - a former Kaufhalle - is part of erste bekanntschaft chemnitz last construction section, which was completed shortly before the end of the GDR.

Apart from the different standardized constructions for residential buildings they also developed plans for special constructions such as supply centres, public indoor swimming pools and grocery shops - so called Kaufhallen - were constructed nationwide following the same pattern.

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Within the social transformation in the GDR the prefabricated building areas became less appealing throughout the whole GDR and in addition, emigration caused a significant level of depopulation. This resulted in a high vacancy rate in the prefab living areas of Chemnitz.

erste bekanntschaft chemnitz

Responding to this trend lots of prefab houses were dismantled, others were renovated and modernised In order to attract new residents. Whole rows of blocks were torn down software kennenlernen in some buildings the upper floors were removed.

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In the neighbourhood of our festival centre the modification and the restructuring are still clearly visible. In this tension of contrasts we stage this year's festival.

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The Festival The Begehungen The art and culture festival Begehungen has erste bekanntschaft chemnitz taking place in Chemnitz since - as the largest off-culture event in the city. The trademark is an unconventional and low-threshold approach to art. For this reason, the inspections are not just a temporary art exhibition, they are a social meeting point for people of all kinds.

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An extensive supporting program consisting of performances, readings and concerts is also an essential part of the festival. The tradition of the annually changing location is important and committed to the festival name. In addition to micro areas on the Sonnenberg and the Brühl, a former prison, an old school, the Rabenstein Palace of Culture, a garden section and abandoned industrial buildings.

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We are an inclusive and accessible festival with extensive offers. Admission to all program items and to the exhibition is free.

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About us We have a common idea. One likes to build, one likes to talk.

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Some like to discover unused places.