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Qualified language trainers Our trainers are qualified native speakers only. Internet access, usable group rooms, Reception, educational leave, education check, education bonus, letter of acceptance, accommodation bookable. The test is tailored to how you use the English language in your new living environment abroad, at university, at work and at leisure.

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More than 7, educational institutions, state institutions and organizations in countries recognize IELTS results as a mandatory language certificate for English - more than 3, in the US alone. Three highly respected educational institutions work together to develop and conduct the test.

The communicative didactics of our English courses also train basic language skills such as pronunciation, intonation, language rhythm and grammar. IELTS examination courses prepare you effectively by subject-specific examination-related topics by addressing situations from the student or professional everyday life and the language competence in the four skills listening, speaking, reading and writing are trained.

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You can take the exam after your exam course in Canada or at the British Council in Düsseldorf. All parts of the examination usually take place on the same day, but if not, the oral part interview will take place on another day.

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