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Thank you for your passion, your commitment, and your work.

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This is a great victory for Progressive Judaism in Israel, and for all those who care about this important cause. We are now able to join with others who share our vision and continue to work for the causes and issues about which we care so deeply. We campaigned on important issues such as religious freedom, gender equality, and a two state solution.

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Now we can proudly say that our delegation—the largest of the U. Our success in these elections comes at a critical moment for current events in Israel. At the Congress, American Jews will have the opportunity to express their strong feelings about the issues close to our hearts, and then work to affect change in those areas.

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We will be one step closer to making Israel the Jewish state that we burgerama single day it can and should be. Acknowledgements: We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all those who voted and who worked to get out the vote.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to the ARZA staff, and the lay leaders who demonstrated dedication and perseverance through this long and often arduous campaign.

Of course, we would not be anywhere without our congregational leadership.

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We cannot thank enough the hundreds of rabbis, cantors, educators, youth directors, executive directors, administrators, and congregational election teams for all that you did to galvanize your members, families, and friends to come together at this important moment. Every vote made a burgerama single day, and we were honored and humbled by your efforts.

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We met our goal and were able to maintain fiscal responsibility, and are happy to report that your efforts and investments paid off. Below you will find the breakdown of votes, and we will be posting on our website further analysis of what this means and how it has changed since the last election.

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